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Compétences NB Compétences


Entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise for successful projects.

The digital world is revolutionizing society.

It has become a key element in the success of organizations. It's important to find an IT partner you can trust, with the skills you need to make a difference.

The people who work at iDIWAY have a particular approach of their profession.

We prefer to work in depth, rather than recuperate or copy. This is not the easiest course of action, but it has enabled us to provide effective solutions to a wide variety of customer projects.

Accompagnement NB Accompagnement


We don't buy a digital transition, we make it ourselves.

Making a website, even a simple one, can become a nightmare if you don't appreciate the personal investment that goes beyond the creation of the tool.

Of course, the levels of involvement will differ between a presentation site and a complete digital platform. But it's important to understand and value the impact that transforming an information system can have on an organization.

It's important to get advice upstream when defining your project, and downstream when operating your new digital tool.

iDIWAY can intervene at a very early stage in the company's strategic thinking, defining and producing appropriate tools, supporting the transition to online operation and providing follow-up throughout the site's operation.

Sécurité NB Sécurité


The preservation and confidentiality of our customers data is our constant concern.

Data loss due to technical failure, human error or hacking can have extremely serious consequences.

No system is infallible, but awareness of the threats, the rigor of the people involved and consideration of the security dimension at every level of our organization can reduce risks.

We host our customers data in our own private infrastructure.
Regular backup systems are deployed.

Monitoring systems ensure maximum availability of our services. All these measures, and many more, are designed to ensure the preservation and confidentiality of our customers data.

Performance NB Performance


Innovation for simplicity and efficiency.

We're not geeks, but we're always on the lookout for the latest developments.

Not only do we explore new avenues that seem promising to us, but we don't hesitate to explore our own ideas, to bring innovations that seem coherent and promising to our customers.

This dynamic is reflected in the productivity and scalability of the sites we build.

This is certainly one of the reasons why our customers are so loyal.

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