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Solution Pakigo

Titre Pakigo PAKIGO

A range of simple, effective websites.
For craftsmen, associations and freelancers.

From a simple showcase site to the controlled spreading of information, Pakigo® websites are easy to manage and adaptable to all kinds of needs.

Its modular approach means we can use it for both blogging and e-commerce. The budget is under control.

Its package covers the complete service, including domain name, hosting, support and much more.

Solution Sowedi

Titre Sowedi SOWEDI

Web and mobile solution for the independent supplier.

This web-based IT solution was designed with and for suppliers.

Through a global approach, we can respond to the specific needs of a supplier who already has a structured organization, and who wishes to transform its business to bring it into line with today's digital world.

The interconnection of the Sowedi solution with existing conventional IT systems ensures a smooth transition. The new system takes account of pricing and organizational peculiarities.

Solution Didway

Titre Didway DIDWAY

Dedicated, customized digital portal.

Today, more and more infrastructures are realizing the strategic importance of controlling their information systems.

In some cases, these information systems take on multiple forms, concern different targets and must meet different needs. No predefined software can meet these global challenges without trapping the organization in IT rigidity and standard operation.

Didway represents our ability to intervene in this kind of complex situation.

To carry out this in-depth, tailor-made work, we adopt a particular working method that can be likened to agile methods.
We intervene at all levels of the technical chain, from server programming to WEB software coding, via the implementation of EDI (electronic data interchange between different systems).

This ability enables us to devise high-performance, productive solutions tailored to our customers needs.

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